Home Hospital Infrastructure

The campus has hospital building with out-patient, in-patient services, 24hr casualty and emergency services, a round-the-clock well-equipped central laboratory, radiology and blood bank services. There are also state-of-the- art operation theatres which handle emergencies and elective surgeries. The hospital provides 24 x 7 ambulance services, facilitating easy accessibility to medical services on the busy highway. The hospital information system maintains meticulous medical records enabling ready access to patient data, and the pharmacy caters to the needs of the patients round the clock.

Students are offered comprehensive support for academic growth and research through innovative teaching methods, like e-learning, as per competent medical education standards, fulfilling the requirements of the apex body. The students are also provided various opportunities to showcase their talents at the university level, thus, encouraging them to participate in all curricular and extracurricular activities.


Holistic Education @ SSIMRC