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The campus has an academic building housing the pre and para clinical departments along with hospital wing.

Academic Infrastructure

Multi-discipline faculty, demographically varied student body, relevant specialisations, in-depth projects, case studies, research and publications.

Physical Infrastructure

Stress-free learning classrooms, seminar halls, board rooms, discussion rooms, with modern furniture, OHP, LCD & DLP Projectors, multimedia enabled lecture facilities, and exclusive facilities for tutorial workshops.

Skills Laboratory

Skills lab at SSIMRC provides a safe environment for students to learn, practice and be observed performing skills in a simulated environment thus mitigating the risks involved in direct patient exposure without adequate preparation and supervision. Designed to accommodate the needs of university undergraduate medical students facilitating improved patient safety and quality care delivery for our entire community.


UHTC and RHTC are based on three goals:

1. Teaching/training goal:

Teaching goal for medical graduates is to make them a competent ‘Basic Doctors’ who can provide promotive & preventive health services to the patient and community along with the curative services, keeping existent socio-economic & cultural environment in mind.

2. Research goal:

The research goal is to carry out various community and health system based studies and innovations that can contribute to the knowledge and skills for better community health management.

3. Service goal:

Service goal of UHTC/RHTC is to “improve the health status of the population served under the PHC in general, and the poor and other disadvantaged sections particular, by facilitating equitable access to quality healthcare through primary health care, with active involvement of the communities and other stakeholders”. Thus, UHTC and RHTC can be viewed as “an upgraded urban-PHC and rural-PHC” respectively.

These centers are having following additional features over and above conventional Primary Health Centre. They are as below.

  • Teaching and training sites for health professionals
  • "Center of Excellence" for primary health care
  • Incubators for newer innovations and interventions
  • Community research centers


Medical school museums are a permanent educational resource that provides access at the individual's convenience. Some of the museums housed at SSIMRC:

Anatomy:The Anatomy Museum remains open to the general public, in an effort to disseminate knowledge and generate awareness.

Pathology: The campus houses a Lecture Gallery, a Demonstration Hall with AV aids, well-equipped Practical Halls, a Research room and a Museum with an excellent collection of specimens.

Pharmacology: The SSIMS and RC Department of Pharmacology is equipped with leadingedge infrastructure facilities including ICT-enabled classrooms, demonstration rooms, Clinical Pharmacology, Experimental Pharmacology and Research Labs, and an exclusive Museum.

The Museum exhibits more than 200 essential drug samples and over 20 medicinal plant specimens to reinforce student learning.

Microbiology: The department has a team of experienced, well trained, dedicated teaching faculty to provide quality education to medical students. Air conditioned and smart E-classrooms, demonstration halls with multimedia projectors, a practical hall equipped with individual workstations, a well-stocked library with national and international books and journals, charts and specimens, as well as museums with models are also available

Community Medicine: The department has got a well-established museum with lot of models, charts and specimens.

ENT:A museum with teaching charts and pathology specimen, cadaver dissection facilities and LCD projectors, major OT with ZEISS operating microscope, Microdebrider STORZ for sinus surgery, Nerve stimulator/monitor and a Nasopharyngolaryngo scope with trained technical staff.

Central Research Laboratory

The Central Research Laboratory at SSIMRC provides teaching staff, researchers and graduate students with easy access to research equipment. Central Research Lab is equipped with sophisticated equipment such as electron microscopes, nucleic acid structure analysis systems, image analysis processors and mass spectrometers under a centralized control system. The thrust is to be fully equipped with advanced technologies such as medical, analytical and information devices, and to utilize.

The Central research Laboratory is headed by a team of academically extra ordinary achievers from all specialties as members. All the faculty members here strive for getting funding from external agencies. A publication cell with team members who will assist, review and help the faculty members in publishing the scientific work is alos part of the Central Research Laboratory.


SSIMRC offers separate boarding & lodging facilities for men and women. The facilities are customized to suit every need and budget. The Hostels have 24 hrs. Wi-Fi connectivity.

Sports and Games

The sports and games facilities at the campus make the students attain physical growth and sports spirit. Major games like Cricket, basketball, football, volley-ball, Table Tennis, hockey etc. are given prime importance. Intra-college and intercollegiate matches and sports day events give the students ample opportunity to develop their talents and skills.


A full fledged branch of UCO bank and ATM is located inside the campus.

Holistic Education @ SSIMRC