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Skills lab at SSIMRC provides a safe environment for students to learn, practice and be observed performing skills in a simulated environment thus mitigating the risks involved in direct patient exposure without adequate preparation and supervision. Designed to accommodate the needs of university undergraduate medical students facilitating improved patient safety and quality care delivery for our entire community.

The skills lab attempts to recreate the clinical environment and tasks which future health care workers have to perform with various levels of complexity and fidelity. Skills labs are used to enhance - clinical, motor and communication skills - as well as team work. The skills lab typically covers the following: General surgery, ENT, Orthopedics and dentistry.

The teaching methodology employed provides a safe, comfortable and well-supported learning environment, with mentoring provided by highly respected professionals. You will experience a graduated process of simulation-based education, centred on you. Facilities are designed to provide the most advanced assessment approaches for clinical and objective structured clinical exams.

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